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Alejandro Peñalva


DIAGNOSTIC: Colon Cancer

My name is Alejandro Peñalta, I am 61 years old and my nationality is Argentine. I will try to tell you briefly and chronologically how this process of diagnosis and treatment of this pathology began. Month of March 2014 I consult my personal doctor, for pain, already very intense in the abdominal area and he tells me: I do not like this. The next day I go to the Mount Sinai Hospital guard, they admitted me and diagnosed me with diverticulosis. A week later I go back to the same Hospital for emergency and they admitted me to surgery, and they diagnose me with Colon Cancer, and they perform a colostomy. I thought the world was falling apart. It is news that one never expects. Since then I called a friend on the phone who is a cancer survivor and she said: calm down, I’m going to talk to an institution that treats cancer. That institution was the League Against Cancer. Forty minutes after those calls, they were calling me from the League to offer me their services. From that moment on, the League was everything for me. I have six and half years being treated at the League in what became my home, my family, my place of concern, attention, affection, love and hope of life. They give their professionalism and daily dedication. The League Against Cancer saved my life, it never made me doubt that with love, faith, prayers and heart everything will have a happy ending.

Thanks Liga, with love