Project Description

Alvis Peña


DIAGNOSTIC: Neuroendocrine Cancer of the Nasal Sinuses

League Against Cancer is a Miracle place!

The League has meant life to me. In this place I find in all of them all their blessed and love, the are unconditional, their love and compassion overflows with the patients, their human quality makes you feel at home, I have total gratitude to all the staff. Specially my Oncologist Dr. Luis Villa for everything have done for me and all the patients at the League. In the Chemotherapy department you feel very calm and safe, the nurses and volunteers give you that blessing from God and having the support of support of our Director of the Institute, everyone in general is pure love.

Being in the League Against Cancer has meant as much to as it does to other patients. I am and will be eternally grateful.

Blessings and thank you!