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Project Description

Angel Mario Menéndez

NAME: Angel Mario Menéndez


DIAGNOSTIC: Prostate Cancer

My history at League Against Cancer started few months ago, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

When I was hospitalized due to a respiratory complication, due to stress, they did a research and found out about my condition and I was diagnosed with cancer by Dr. Carlos Guida, who also knew about my financial situation, and he suggested me to apply for Liga Contra el Cancer.

Since the moment I walked in for the first time to handle my papers and documents to be admitted, I realized this was a very special place. All the staff is always looking after patients. It could sound weird or ironic, but every time I go on my treatment, I am happy because I feel energized with positivism, with love and affection; it is a place where, despite the situation, you always spend a nice time.

They are always checking every detail, medications, appointments, tests, even lunches for patients; they always do that for us while we wait to receive the treatments. They have no boundaries or discrimination of any kind, race, nationality; they only do all the best to provide wellbeing and health to every patient. I feel do blessed to be part of Liga’s family!

I hope everyone out there to have faith in this organization and be able to give freely to this cause so they are able to continue their work of love with  cancer patients.