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Project Description

Brenda Herrera

NATIONALITY: Nicaraguan  

DIAGNOSTIC: Breast Cancer   

My name is Brenda Herrera López, I am Nicaraguan, I live in Homestead, Florida. I reached out to the League Against Cancer (La Liga) after being diagnosed with breast cancer, since I don’t have any medical insurance and this is the place I knew I could request help from. When the Ligue’s door opened that November, 2018 to welcome me, it was a door to faith and hopes to treat my disease.

God bless all the people that work at La Liga, from each and every one of them I have always received the best attitude, the most loving smile that helped me find a hope for life.

I would like to make a special call to all those who would be willing to help La Liga provide treatment to more patients, with a little financial support from each of you, we can gather more to save more lives.

May God in His Mercy bless all those people that work at League Against Cancer and also those that gladly offer their help and contribute to this beautiful and kind cause.