Project Description

Daysi Santana


DIAGNOSTIC: Colon Cancer

My name is Daysi Santana Hernandez, I am Cuban and I am 54 years old. I never felt bad before, this was actually the first time I had to go to go and check with a doctor.  I went to Coral Gables, for an emergency, they had to run some tests and labs and they told me that I needed to be hospitalized in order to complete some studies. I was in Hospital from  Octuber 16th through  31st, 2018  after many tests, they  got me into surgery which was carried by Dr. Alexis Abril, who recommended that I should  apply at Liga Contra el Cancer for help due to my financial situation.

I thank Dr. Abril for his recommendation because it led me to La Liga Contra el Cancer, where I received a lot of care and kindness from all the staff and representatives. I started the treatment under Dr. Lionel Noy, who is a volunteer Doctor in this institution and who supervised my case.  Today I feel very well thanks to everyone in this place, especially the Chemotherapy nurses, Carmen and Karla who are such loving ladies.

I, Daysi, active patient at Liga Contra el Cancer , kindly and humbly ask to all those people that wish to financially support this institution , for as little as your help may seem to you, it represents a lot to gather  efforts that can  greatly benefit patients that need it.

Thank you!