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Abigail Pascual

DIAGNOSIS: Stomach Cancer

What does Liga Contra el Cancer mean to me? Simply… a new life. It is to feel death and take a new step of life, hope, love, trust, physical and emotional support, is being surrounded by people who care about regardless of the time or day of the week. League is the light at the end of a dark and tortuous tunnel, is to fight against fear, is breath of life, is the embrace and the words needed at the right time, is the place where although strength may fail us always the stranger becomes friend. The League is living water, definitely the hand of God is present in every corner of this place. To every person who works in the League against Cancer, our most sincere gratitude, because thanks to them I have life to be with my family. I am eternally grateful!

Davide Bellagamba

NACIONALITY: Italo-Venezuelan
DIAGNOSIS: Pharynx Cancer

One of the worst phases of my life began in 2013 when some routine exams revealed suspicious images, a situation that caught completely by surprise as I never imagined that I would have to go through the disease most dreaded by all. The fear of not knowing what awaited me would not let me even think. At the beginning I could pay for all exams, medical visits and some surgeries, but as I received a definitive diagnosis and a not very good scenario I had to seek help and found Liga Contra el Cancer. With the good fate of being approved as a patient, immediately I had all the tests to establish a treatment protocol. To my surprise, here not only did they provide the medical help and medications I needed, but I also found a more family atmosphere than I anticipated. I got love, understanding, friendship, positive disposition for all. This is the ideal environment for people like us going through this ordeal. They always make you feel like family. At the League one doesn’t feel like one is sick. Thank you!

Maria del Pilar Fernandez

DIAGNOSIS: Breast Cancer

Every day I am very grateful to the Liga Contra el Cancer for tending me a hand in a very difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and both the personnel and the volunteers of the League welcomed me full of love, I gave me the best treatments and both physical as emotional help. My oncologists, Dr. Luis Villa and Dr. Jose Noy, returned health and joy to my life. Liga’s employees and volunteers are very special people who all contribute so each patient goes forward with their lives.

Liga needs your donations to continue with their mission to offer free help to so many cancer patients who have nowhere to turn.

I can only say, God bless the Liga family, which is now part of mine.

Mayra Santana

DIAGNOSIS: Breast Cancer

Thanks to the Liga Contra el Cancer I am a breast cancer survivor. Even though 20 years have passed, I can still say that being diagnosed with breast cancer was the most difficult news I have received. Without health insurance and a very low income, I felt desperate and powerless until I found Liga. Not only did they pay for my treatments and medicines, but also gave me love and, above all, hope. I was extremely hard, but thanks to God and the family I found in Liga, I triumphed and did not have to do it alone.

Raymond Lemonnierz


I was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago and it was very traumatic as I never imagined receiving that news; immediately thought the worst and became deeply depressed. Once I decided to take action I was hit with the awful surprise that I did not have the means to pay for doctors’ visits and treatments for the disease because of their high cost and felt I had fallen in a hole with no way out. With my kids in mind, I began to research and knock on doors, consult with friends and relatives, until my sister in law recommended Liga Contra el Cancer. I am so thankful to God for putting them in my path.

I began the process of application for their free assistance, thankfully was accepted and I have been treated with respect, fondness, and kindness from day one. My mood completely changed thanks to them. I had tests and treatments, then surgery, and I’m currently receiving chemotherapy treatments.

I thank Liga from the bottom of my heart, its supporters and everyone who contribute to this noble cause in one way or another to save lives. Thank you very much and may God bless you and multiply all the good you do.

Sally García

DIAGNOSIS: Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed in 2013. I had lost my job and had no insurance, felt lost until I arrived at Liga Contra el Cancer. They opened their doors to me and offered support and for this they mean a lot me, like a light in the middle of darkness. It’s an institution that helps people without distinction to race or nationality. The team is professional and personable. From the moment you arrive, you feel the love. I thank God because I am a survivor thanks to Liga Contra el Cancer.

Ana Maria Polo

My name is Ana Maria Polo. I am the arbiter of “Caso Cerrado” (Closed Case) and a breast cancer survivor. This June it will be three years since my mastectomy, and I feel better and stronger each day because I have learned that life is fragile, and that we should take care every day of our bodies and minds. I am fortunate that my insurance pays for all my operations and treatments. However, I know there are millions of people that do not have health insurance, and they have to face this cruel disease without economic support. This is why I believe the work of the “League Against Cancer” is priceless, and we should support “The League” until every patient in this country has the means to face cancer with dignity and MONEY. I ask all the patients that are going through this horrible disease not to EVER lose their faith and hope, because with God’s help and the “Leguae Against Cancer”, their cancer will soon be a CLOSED CASE.

Martha Flores

It is hard to express what you feel when you are diagnosed with cancer. The feeling is of hopelessness and great emptiness. But it must be even harder when you do not have the necessary means to face this evil, because the treatments are so expensive, almost unaffordable.

And I ask myself: What would happen to these people if there was no “League Against Cancer”? What expectations of surviving would they have if the “League” would not help them and assume all these enormous expenses?

The work of the “League Against Cancer” is commendable. I did not have to use their services, but I know hundreds of cases that have been able to survive because the “League” made the latest and most sophisticated treatments available to them.

This is why I ask you, in the name of all those patients that have survived thanks to the work of the “League,” to cooperate. There is no small donation, they are all big. Cancer will not wait. We need to act.