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Luis Villa, Jr., M.D.
Luis Villa, Jr., M.D.President
Adriana Cora
Adriana CoraExecutive Vice President
Lionel Noy, M.D.
Lionel Noy, M.D.Clinical Director
Manny Alfonso
Manny AlfonsoTreasurer
Hilda M. Mena Blanch
Hilda M. Mena BlanchVice Treasurer
Lourdes Meneses
Lourdes MenesesBoard Chairperson
Mariana García
Mariana GarcíaDirector at Large
Guillermo Pujals
Guillermo Pujals Secretary

Board of Directors

Luis Villa, Jr., M.D.
Adriana Cora
Lionel I Noy, M.D.
Lourdes Águila Meneses
Manny Alfonso
Mariana García

Hilda María Mena Blanch
Guillermo “Willy” Pujals
Tere Benach
Raúl Blanco
Liz Borrajo García
Nancy Casares

Bernie Macías
Ana Lopez-Blazquez
María L. Martínez de Castro
Virginia Noy, LMHC
Mary Lilliam “Marilly” Pujals
Ady Viera


César A. Scheker
César A. SchekerAdministrator
Yordanka Perez
Yordanka PerezExecutive Administrator Assistant
Magaly Martín
Magaly MartínAccounting
Marjorie Prado
Marjorie PradoAccounting
Onelia “Lulú” Sánchez
Onelia “Lulú” SánchezMaintenance
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar HernandezIT / Purchase Coordinator
Belinda Respall
Belinda RespallCPA Accountant

Medical Center

Mary Lilliam Pujals
Mary Lilliam Pujals Medical Center Director
Carmen Díaz, RN
Carmen Díaz, RN Oncology Nurse
Arlene Delgado
Arlene DelgadoNursing Assistant
Carolina Martorella
Carolina MartorellaSocial Worker
Ana Monte Flores
Ana Monte FloresSocial Worker
Karla Mejia
Karla MejiaNurse Assistant
Lourdes Salgado
Lourdes SalgadoMedical Center
Maria Morales
Maria MoralesMedical Center
Betty Rodriguez
Betty RodriguezReception
María Elena Xirau
María Elena XirauAssistant Social Worker
Virginia Noy, LMHC
Virginia Noy, LMHC Psychology Support


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