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Patricia Wallace

My name is Patricia Wallace from Jamaica, and I am 56 years old. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in South Medical Assistance and other Hospitals. I don’t have medical insurance…


Alvis Peña

The League has meant life to me. In this place I find in all of them all their blessed and love, the are unconditional, their love and compassion overflows…


Alejandro Peñalva

My name is Alejandro Peñalta, I am 61 years old and my nationality is Argentine. I will try to tell you briefly and chronologically how this process of diagnosis and treatment of this pathology began.


Oscar Ferrera

I want to express with these letter how they mean to me, I will keep all the memories of such special people who helps us, who offer us their hand and their best smile in the face of this adversity, Cancer.


Mirta Herrera

My name is Mirta Herrera, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018. Thanks to the attention I have received since then from this beautiful institution...

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